I help online business owners go from overthinking, holding themselves back, and not taking action to trusting themselves, getting out of their own way, and gaining momentum so they can build their Prosperity Business™ and step into their full potential. What is a Prosperity Business? It’s a business that allows you to have wealth in the areas of your life that matter most to you — eg. finance, relationships, work, hobbies, and so on — because it’s built around your lifestyle and desires. The main purpose of a Prosperity Business is to give you the freedom to use your time, money, and impact in the ways that YOU decide. Sounds nice right? And if you’re on a journey to increase your income and impact to build a life that’s truly fulfilling (can I get a “heck yes”?), then creating or rethinking your current business as a Prosperity Business is a no-brainer. All in all, I’m so pleased that you’re here and can’t wait to help you grow your business. And on the fun fact front, I’m an East Coast transplant from Texas living in Jersey with my cool AF husband, charming stepson, chunky baby, and two little morkies. I’m a lover of cheesy puns, will rarely say no to an Oreo-flavored dessert, and am only two degrees away from Kevin Bacon.  Most importantly, I like you.

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Discover Your Presenter Personality

(aka Your Online Business Owner Personality)

Every time you show up online — whether a social media post, live video, podcast interview, or webinar — you’re presenting. 

Each day, we’re choosing what parts of ourselves and our business we want to show to the world (even when we’re being vulnerable or showing our flaws). We’re deciding WHAT to present to the world, and HOW to present it in a way that feels authentic.

When you better understand your personality, you’re better able to move and work WITH it, not against (eg. being someone you’re not), to achieve your biggest goals. 

This quiz will reveal how to use your strengths to your advantage and highlight some key things to work on.

(and I used to be a webinar manager, which’ll explain some of the webinar references on your results page)


More to See Soon 

It’s lookin’ a little bare bones over here because — like so many business owners — my website is under construction. In the meantime, let’s connect on Facebook or send me an email using the little buttons above.

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I like you.