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It's time to finally get out of your own way.

Go from overthinking, holding yourself back, and not taking action to trusting yourself, getting consistent, and gaining momentum so you can build your Prosperity Business™ and step into your full potential.


I'm Brianna, your Business Momentum Coach.

Brianna Buford Headshot

Have we met?

If not, hey hey! I’m Brianna, an East Coast transplant from Texas, living in Jersey with her cool AF husband, charming stepson, chunky baby, and two little morkies.

I’m a lover of cheesy puns, will rarely say no to an Oreo-flavored dessert, and am just two degrees away from Kevin Bacon. 

When at my desk, I help alleviate the mental and technical barriers that prevent online business owners from getting their programs live and creating the Prosperity Business™ of their dreams.

What is a Prosperity Business?

A Prosperity Business allows you to have wealth in the areas of your life that matter most to you — eg. finance, relationships, work, hobbies, and so on — because it’s built around your lifestyle and desires. The main purpose of a Prosperity Business is to give you the freedom to use your time, money, and impact in the ways that YOU decide.

Sounds nice right? And if you’re on a journey to increase your income and impact to build a life that’s truly fulfilling (can I get a “heck yes” 🙌), then creating or rethinking your current business as a Prosperity Business is a no-brainer.

It's January 2024, and this website is very much under construction. More coming soon!